Jan 17th 1944
Dearest family,                                                                                                  

I hope by now you’re all up and doing well. Remember what I told you about your follow - up treatment, Sis, and don’t you dare to neglect it. Since I wrote last, we have moved into a new area. We have it nice but our “summer estate” rather spoiled us all. We miss the pool and tennis court, though there are some near here. We are living in what used to be a Japanese home and I have to duck every time I go through a door! We have several fish ponds and, within throwing distance, - a Japanese Buddhist temple that is still used and nothing less than beautiful. I couldn’t begin to describe it but I will take some pictures to show you someday (soon, I hope!) When we need anything, we have only to give the sheet to a very nice plantation store that seems to carry everything. I think we’ll like it better after we’re here a while.

I had a nice letter from June which I’ll answer the first chance I get. She writes such nice letters! Also one from Milton that I enjoyed + appreciate very much. I’ll have to wait ‘til I can write a real good one to him. Has he left for school yet? I’ve been giving some lectures to a jungle school recently, and no fear, no one has gone to sleep on me yet so I figure I’m doing pretty well. I’m beginning to feel like a university professor or something.

Our weather continues to be beautiful and I’m about to recover from an awful cold I’ve had for two days. You can’t keep’em long here. I’ve just written Mr + Mrs Patton for a beautiful card they sent Christmas.

Write soon + take care of yourselves.

                                                             Much love,


P.S. Blossom (the garbage girl!) had pups! Oh, no! - our dog had pups! Blossom had a 10 pound boy!