Part I ~ Tigers Of Mount Paektu

The Tigers Of Mount Paektu attempts to subvert the aesthetic tropes of Vaporwave, from a satire of capitalism into a broader piece about totalitarianism in the 21st century, the album is thematically based around typical North Korean values such as self-reliance, determination, and the concept of Juche, whilst musically, it pays homage to the North Korean light music group, The Ponchonbo Electronic Ensemble.

Part II ~ Seoul 1988

Seoul 1988 portrays South Korea's transition out of authoritarianism, ultimately symbolised by the 1988 Olympic Games held in Seoul. It is centred thematically around ideas typically associated with the games, such as hope, triumph, and freedom. Musically, the album attempts to capture the atmosphere of that summer by heavily sampling pop music from the period.

Tigers of Mount Paektu
was included in The Quietus best of 2015.

Live performances in Seoul, 2017.